A DD (Dos and Don’ts) Guide on Cybersecurity for Work from home

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There is a global shift happening, and SAM IT Solutions is here to guide, advise, and show you through it all. You’re among the emerging trend of remote workers who work from their home office. This handy guide helps you maximize your newfound freedom (and responsibility). These tips don’t only apply to individual contributors, but also managers and team leaders. Cyber Security work from the home office affords many benefits to increase performance, business continuity, and achieve greater work-life balance .
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  1. Since you will be spending a lot of time in Cyberspace, securing/protecting your digital work environment is important
  2. Securing yourself starts with knowing what you have! (Inventory What you got)
  3. Networking and Hardware (Identify the following devices and prepare a table for your reference)

   4. Your Table should have columns for the make, model and serial number (at least the make and model)
   5. Software and Application

Things to Remember

  • Software is layered – Protecting your operating system; protecting each application.
  • Ways to Protect the Operating System and applications
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How to Secure Your Cyberspace?
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