Logging, Monitoring, and how SOCs fit the Bill

By radmin In Blog, Cybersecurity

Nowadays our societies are all too familiar with Cyber Attacks, how infrastructure can be compromised and that our own identities can be stolen and assumed by others for a price of a few bucks. But what some may not know is that we can defend ourselves accordingly by acting off of event insight. When a malicious application probes one of our assets, whether it is our professional or home network to our cloud storage devices located remotely, there is a record left and stored of said interaction. Subsequently, we can view the aforementioned event logs, and get an idea of what is going on. This is the basis of Cyber Security Analysis.

When it comes to monitoring, defense and strategizing, nothing beats having the Tools, People and Processes by your side as you traverse the threat landscape of the internet. Every year exploits are getting better, more complicated and are scaling upwards. But now we have your solution. Here at SAM IT we have created our own SOC (Security Operations Center) where dedicated personnel monitor your environments daily, investigate security event alerts of your assets and warn you when something bad is happening. Well, ok…Its a little more complicated than that. But the point is, you don’t have to do the work. You don’t need to purchase an expensive SIEM and hire your own Professional Security Analyst to run and manage it. Your peace of mind doesn’t need to cost an arm & a leg. So let the SAM IT Security Services Dept work for you!

For further interests you may have, please visit our Security Services Dept website, https://security.samitsolutions.com.

-Mike Curnow, Head of Security Services