Multi-Factor Authentication

By Samudra Vijay — In Blog — June 12, 2017

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With Phishing attacks on the rise and Password Cracking Techniques getting progressively better, it is our duty to ensure the utmost credential integrity of customers and employees. One of the best and easiest ways to mitigate many Username & Password related worries Organization-Wide is to enact a method called Multi-Factor Authentication (sometimes referred to as MFA and/or 2FA). This means that another layer is added to your authentication process to help protect the validity of your logins and ensure authorized personnel is accessing what they need in a much safer fashion.

In addition to entering your standard Username and Password, the second layer of authentication can include an email, phone call, or something as simple as a Text/SMS message to your Smart Phone. This ensures that a User’s login is legitimate and credible, which can save an Organization a large amount of headache when it comes to Login-based attacks and exploits. Something as simple as an added layer of login security can mitigate crippling effects to daily business and valuable information.

We are dedicated to protecting the integrity of our customers credential health and are able to inject Multi-Factor Authentication into a number of services and portals to ensure safety and create a peace of mind organization-wide. The network and infrastructure security team at SAM IT is committed to helping our customers stay safe within their networks and in cyberspace. Our team will be happy to discuss the right multi-factor authentication options with you and help with identifying, setting up and rolling out a solution that keeps your data and information safe.

-Mike Curnow
IT Security Analyst