Highlighted Case Studies

These initiatives demonstrate the services and talents of  SAM IT Solutions

TiE Carolinas

The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubation. With a focus of giving back to the community, Tie’s focus is on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. https://carolinas.tie.org/

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Peoples Medical Care

The organization is run by the support and contribution from the members of local community and businesses, government grants, and other sources of funding. We also collect a small "fee for service at the time we provide the service, to partially cover our costs. https://peoplesmedicalcare.org/

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Launch Morrisville

We provide the resources and training for entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed in Morrisville. http://launchmorrisville.org/

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Haywatd institute

Hayward Institute aims to affect change in systems, institutions and individuals around healthy homes. https://haywardinstitute.org/

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Hum Sub

Hum Sub is a non-profit organization dedicated to share the social and cultural traditions of India with residents of the North Carolina Triangle area and beyond. Membership and participation is open to all people who are interested in promoting and/or appreciating Indian culture and history. https://humsub.org/

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