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Open-Source Asset Management 


We are proud to offer you an open-source Asset Management system – a comprehensive tool designed to meet all your organization's asset management needs.


An asset management system lets you easily sort and store information about your digital assets, such as laptops, servers, software, and more. An asset management system records important specifics about each asset, including who is using it, where it is used, and how it is used.


Track Assets


Our asset management system provides real-time information on the purchases, sales, repairs, and maintenance of your assets and tracks their use in your company.


Identify and Eliminate Obsolete Assets


Our system allows you to easily see which assets are performing adequately and which are not, expediting the removal from circulation of an asset that is not performing up to par for your company.


Reduced Security Risks


The use of a system like ours avoids many of the numerous security concerns associated with running a business, including theft, fraud, and fees and penalties from audits and leases. Periodical and accurate inventory management helps to prevent all of these.


Better Budget Planning


Knowing exactly what assets your company has and how they are performing allows you to make educated decisions about maintaining and expanding your technology.


Open-Source Software


Sam IT’s asset management system uses open-source principles – which means that anyone can access, use, or modify the software code. Open Source solutions save users money when compared to proprietary solutions and provide a high level of transparency to the client. 


In addition, open-source software allows users greater flexibility in customizing the system while benefiting from improvements made by others.


About Our System


Sam IT’s versatile asset management system supports both on-premises and off-premises models, providing users with flexibility and convenience. Since 2022, we have been successfully utilizing this software to manage our own IT assets, and we couldn't be happier with the results. 


Using our asset management system, companies can track the condition and performance of their various assets – ultimately cutting down on waste and increasing efficiency.


In fact, we are currently collaborating with a leading semiconductor company to implement the open-source asset management system, and they are thrilled with its performance and the positive impact it has had on their operations.


Try Out Our System Today


To help you experience the many benefits of our tried and true system firsthand, we provide a free consultation and demo of the system. We are confident that this solution will empower your organization and streamline your asset management processes, allowing you to stay on top of your valuable resources. 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to take control of your assets. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and demo. Let SAM IT be your trusted partner in achieving efficient and effective asset management. 



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